It can be very frustrating finding out that someone is using your pictures without your consent, without compensating you, or even in a way that you don’t like. And while making them creative commons pictures can be a solution to some of these problems, there types of licenses also have some cons to them that not a lot of people are prepared to deal with. So, in order to make the decision a bit easier for you, we have put together a few of those pros and cons right in this article.

Pro: You can set your own parameters

While you have no control over who uses your pictures or how they use them, you do however have the ability to create your own parameters of use. What this means is that if someone violates those restrictions, like for example if they don’t credit your name or if they use they the pictures in a way that gains them money and don’t disclose that you, you will then have the right to pursue compensation or retribution from the infringer.

Con: You need to be careful about the version

When you are attaching the version of creative commons license to your work, you need to be very careful about which version you attach to your creative commons pictures. If you somehow make a mistake or accidently don’t apply a non-commercial clause on your work, people will be able to make money on your images and they won’t have to give you a penny and there is no way for you to ask for compensation afterwards.

Pro: You will get a lot of exposure

This is probably the biggest, if not the only reason why people decide to make their work available to the public via a creative commons license. If you are just starting out with your career as a photographer, then getting a license like this can be just the thing that will get your career going. Apart from having lots of people using your pictures, all of them will be obliged to credit you whenever they use them and that means that even their customer or readers will also know who took the photos and this can get you some new potential clients.

Getting a creative commons license can be very tempting, but sometimes the cons can end up outweighing the pros which is why we feel it’s important for you to have a good look at both ends of the spectrum before making a decision, and hopefully this article will help you decide if creative commons pictures is something that you want to put out.