If you are someone that has a website, then you probably know by now that pictures are everything. It has been proven that a visual element is very important and one of the best ways in which you can capture your readers’ attention and using pictures is definitely the simplest tool that you can use in order to do that. Getting some great pictures can be really expensive and time-consuming which is why creative commons images are a great idea and in this article we will show you three places where you can get them.


This is a great resource for public domain clip art and it offers both vector as well as bitmap images available for you to download. This is also a great site for you if you are looking for icons and symbols. One of the best, most stand-out features about this site is that it will let you edit any SVG image in a drawing program that is browser-based. All you have to do is use the visual editor or modify the raw SVG source code and this is a very easy way in which you can change the colors of elements because there is no “paint bucket” tool available.

Wikimedia Commons

On this site you will find over 15 million free creative commons images, as well as music and other types of media files, so if you are looking for multiple visual elements to add to your website, then this is the right source for you. You can browse for images by categories such as Animalia, mathematics, medicine, flags and so on, or you can browse by location, author, license, type, source or type. On this page you can find commons images that have Creative Commons licenses, as well af GNU free documentation or ones with a public license.


If you want high-resolution, free images that you can use for either personal or commercial purposes, then morgueFile is a great choice because they have a great collection. Before any user is allowed to upload any images to this website before they agree to a term that states that their pictures are their own, and not someone else’s. This is a way for the website to prevent themselves from sharing work that is mostly unoriginal like some other sites out there.

Pictures are a great way to really spice up your website and really let your creativity shine through no matter what type of site you have. Using one of these creative commons images can be a great way for you to find some great looking images, possibly for free and without going through any trouble at all, so definitely take a look at our suggestions.