Questions Leading to Sales Success in Amazon

1. What is the Amazon Buy Box?

This is the box found on the product detail page. As a customer, you can start buying here by adding goods to the shopping cart. The Buy Box is a highly valued position within the Amazon marketplace. For a merchant, featuring in the Buy Box can mean making plenty of sales. How can you win this coveted slot in the Buy Box? Three factors are key. A seller must give competitive offers, price the items competitively and have a good history in the marketplace. The final point is getting more seller reviews. All these can hoist you to the Amazon marketplace high table. It boosts your chances of selling products in Amazon.

2. Fulfillment: What is fulfillment by Amazon ?

This is a program where you can send your goods to one of the Amazon fulfillment centers. Here, it is stocked for sale. In time, customers get to buy the items before Amazon ships them. How does this differ from drop shipping? There is one key difference: In this plan, Amazon does not provide the products. Instead, you, the seller, has the responsibility to provide the goods.

This kind of plan lets you focus on other aspects of the business. It allows Amazon to handle most facets of shipping. They also care for customer service and other elements of selling products on Amazon. There are other benefits as well. You can extend new products to Amazon Prime members. By doing this, you make an extra step towards getting the Buy Box. This is true even if your products are priced slightly higher than the others.

Types of Sellers that Do Well on Amazon:

  • Merchants who sell unique products.
  • Merchants selling niche or hobby products.
  • Merchants selling used or refurbished goods.

3. Why associate my products with an already listed Amazon product?

The main reason is that you can only list products once in the Amazon catalog. If you try to make a duplicate listing, this will be detected quickly.

4. At first, why not use specific methods of shipping?

The reason is that new merchants must earn their place to use certain methods of shipping. These include two-day shipping. Some merchants wonder why they don’t seem to receive correct compensation for their shipping effort. The reason might be that Amazon decides how much the average shipping costs should be based on given factors.

5. If a seller wants to increase his review numbers in the account, what should he do?

This is a good question because the number of reviews means a lot selling on the Amazon platform. For this reason, start by giving a great shopping experience for your customers. Make sure you also provide a great product experience to the customers. If you want to significantly increase the number of reviews in your account, ensure you follow up with the customers regularly.

6. Is it important to study some policies before starting sales on Amazon?

Just go over Amazon’s shipping, selling and other policies. You will discover that selling on Amazon depends a lot on reviews. These have a big impact on increasing sales. Indeed, they have the potential to make or break a business. Just encourage customers to keep leaving reviews for products sold to them. Ensure you address bad reviews effectively and quickly. Remember that the biggest solution is to manage smooth transactions in the platform at all times. What does this mean? It means delivering goods in a timely schedule. It means maintaining proper communication with customers at all times. There are two shortcuts to consider if you want to make the big break here:

-Boost your ranking by selling low competition items: The probability of the offer ranking higher among competitive items will go up. Try to concentrate on products with fewer reviews. Try to get the most positive reviews for the item. Once you significantly build your Amazon review numbers, your reputation and legitimacy will be enhanced. Eventually, you will break into niches with higher competition.

-Offer competitive rates on products that are popular with customers. This has the potential to increase your seller ranking and can attract bargain buyers. If you want to know the items that are most popular for every industry, check out the Amazon’s ‘most wished for’ list.

7. What kinds of merchants have generally profited the most, selling products on Amazon?

There are three kinds of businesses that seem to perform well in the Amazon marketplace:

• Sellers of unique products

These are businesses that manufacture their products. It can be a jewelry manufacturing company, for example. It faces less competition from others because of offering unique items. For this reason, it is likely to enjoy greater flexibility in terms of pricing.

• Sellers of niche or hobby products.

These businesses do really well mainly because there is no chance of Amazon carrying these niche or hobby products. The risk of competing with Amazon in this field of business is therefore significantly low.

• Sellers of used or refurbished products.

There is a big market for these kinds of products. The reason is that they generally attract customers who don’t mind waiting since their major interest is price. You, however, need to note that these used products cannot make you win the Buy Box slot. You may only win the used Buy Box. However, this really commands fewer sales.


Having tackled the key questions, we can never overstate the advantage of running a well-branded website and the Amazon store URL. Having these gives you authority and extra credibility. Compared to the competition, more visitors are likely to recall your store because of your professional credentials. Achieving control over your branding and e-commerce website is essential. By doing this, you achieve an independent store presence. You manage to put your products in the market with a broader audience.  Ultimately, it enables you to take products out of Amazon to other varied marketing channels. This way, you enjoy selling products on Amazon.